Create a new Campaign (Admin Platform)

1. Open your Freee Admin platform & click Ads button


2. Click New Ad at the right corner


3. Choose the ad type that you need (template). In our case, we will introduce the ''click to visit'' campaign.

When you choose the type, you need a title & description. Click  save.


4. Press on the name of your campaign to make the design.


5. Upload the background image that you want, add the content of the buttons, add the redirection page, and finally the delay (time to show).


6. You can see there our example with buttons,image, & 10 seconds delay:


7. If you want to have statistics for your campaign through google analytics, you need to create your own builder. Click builder button.


8. Fill in the fields with appropriate addresses & press save.

9. Finally click ''update your design'' button, to save.

10. Platform responses with a successful message


11. Next step is to schedule & creating the campaign. From the platform menu left, click ''Campaigns'' button.


12. Going to ''New campaign'' from the button right.


13. When the ''New campaign'' tab appears, give the name & description that you want, and schedule the time that your campaign will be online. Click ''save''.


14. Click on the name of your campaign to give ''targeting'' & ''tag''.


15. The window ''schedule your campaign'' appears. You can change days there.



16. Go to targeting tab, and click new target button.


17. You can find the targeting options for your campaign


18. Give a name to your target at the first field, and choose the graphic design that you have created at the next field.


19. Choose age,gender & locale for your campaign. In our case, we represent the campaign only in Females between 20 - 29 with UK locale


20. Also, you need to give the costs for your campaign. In our case, we charge the impression of the campaign 0,04€ and click of the campaign 0,06€.

Press save to continue.


21. Last step is campaign tagging. Please choose witch devices can provide the campaign. For example, this campaign apply to entire Greek network.


22. Platform replies when a tag was add successful.


23. You can see the targeted devices that provide campaign. Click ''targeted devices'' button.


24. In our case, you can see that 15 of 30 devices has ''Greece'' tag and provides campaign


25. Finally, you need go to the general tab, and press ''Start'' button to begin your campaign.



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