Add Customers & Devices (Admin Platform)


1. Open your Admin platform ( Go to Customers tab.



2. Click ''New Customer'' button


3. Fill in the fields with your customers required information


4. When you finished, click on your new customer name


5. If you need, add more information in the fields

6. Click ''Devices'' button to add a new device (AP/Router)


7.  Click new device 


8. Fill in the ''Company Name'' & ''Serial Number'' (pay attention with serial numbers letters)


9. It's suggested to get the Serial Number through winbox

10. If you want, add more contact info

11. Ad your new hotspot's address, zip code (optional), and city. Press Save.


12. Mark check box next to device's name to and press ''Manage tags'', to give one more tag to your device, except geo-tags (google).


13. Find the tag that you need (ex Cafe-bar) for your device. Press check box to enable it.


14. When the tag was added, you receive successfully message


15. Last step, is invitation tab. Is important to invite your customer to his/hers own Freee Wi-Fi Client Platform. You only need press invite button. An e-mail will automatically forward to your customer



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