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Coupon marketing Creation guide by Freee!



Connect to Freee dashboard ( with your credentials.

Go to marketing button & after click Coupons. Click ‘’Create Coupon’’





We create graphical design for client’s device. First we give name & description for the coupon offer for example ‘’free espresso’’.



The next step we must upload the image for client’s device. As we can see in the field left, the appropriate dimensions are 640Χ780 Pixels, as a portrait.

Press Choose file…


Choose the image that you want from your computer. Click open. We will see it on preview:


In the field “Go to coupon button” we must write content for customer, to press the button and claim the coupon.


In the fields below, we can choose the colors for our button.

In Color, we give the font color (ex. Red)

In text, we give letter color (ex. Yellow)

In border, we give border color (ex. Yellow)

#RGB color supported


As we can see in preview, colors in button has changed. We check this, if it is as we want.


Same way we create the second button for the customers that they don’t want claim our coupon.

Write content and change color



We must check if it’s readable to the customers


When we complete this procedure, we will go to create Facebook wall coupon post. Press  ‘’Design FB Post’’



First at Enter Post Title, we chose our description. We have to be careful with our description because it concerns the Facebook wall post, and is visible to all client friends



 In ‘’enter a description for your post’’ field, we describe our offer , to attract people via coupon virality on Facebook


Finally in ‘’Enter a caption for your post’’, give our company name

In the next step we press ‘’Upload Picture’’ to import the picture that we want from our computer for Facebook wall post, and e-mail that client receives with coupon code


Check the image that you want & click open


Check on preview our coupon Facebook post


 Press ‘’Start Coupon Campaign’’ to save our coupon campaign


As you can see at the coupon list table, our coupon description marked as stopped. We can offer only one coupon at the time.



Single click on the coupon that you like, then press ‘’start coupon’’ button to make coupon active on your devices.


A green message displays and says that coupon is active


Now at the coupon list table, we can define that the coupon is ‘’Running’’, and beside this we can see the claim cost.


When we press now on the coupon, we can see who has get it (Facebook Profile). Also we can redeem the customers coupon and verify it.


It’s important for Coupon Marketing to have credits at client dashboard. On the central screen of your platform ,you can see your credit balance beside to your e-mail




Press on the ‘’balance’’ button to import credits for your marketing promotion tools. There are two ways to payment until now, via invoice or via paypal.





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