Freee! Router Guide (Conditioned Router)

Freee! Router Guide


  1. Connect to freee! Wi-Fi with your device. When opening a browser the following page should be displayed:








2. To bypass the hotspot, enter the address:, shown below:


 3. If the browser replies with an “ERROR 404: Not Found” then the device is       connected

 4. Open Winbox – the login window should appear as shown below:


Enter  the following:

Connect To:

Login: partner

Password: freee1122

Press Connect and get access to the router.


 5. The winbox client should be displayed.



6. From the left menu select the ‘Wireless’ shown below:




7. Select ‘wlan1’ from the ‘Interfaces’ table and get access to wireless menu. ‘Wlan1’ properties are displayed. Select the ‘Wireless’ tab.




8. Scroll down to the SSID property, and change the SSID name with the client’s desired SSID name, using a ‘Freee!@’ Prefix as shown below:

9. Change the ‘Frequency’ property to a desired value (if required)




10. Press the ‘Apply’ button to set changes.




  • It is very important that the clients deny free access to their existing Wi-Fi network. Our recommendation is to change the SSID and the password of the existing Wi-Fi network.


11. How to add a static IP to Freee! Router (optional)

 Disable the DHCP client. From the left menu select IP -> DHCP Client. Select ‘ether1’ and press the disable button as shown below. You do not need to remove it. Just disable it.



From the left menu select IP. From the options displayed select IP -> Addresses.  A table with address lists is displayed. Press the plus button to add a new static IP desired (usually it will be provided from the client’s network administrator)

A subnet mask must be added with the IP address provided (e.g. The Network field will synchronize automatically.


Press Apply & OK, and test to see that Internet access was obtained



In case that we cannot access the Internet we need to set a default route. Select IP from the left menu, then Routes and press the add button.                                            

Then set the ‘Dst. Address’ to (internet) and the Gateway would need to be given by the network administrator. Press Apply & OK to apply changes:





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