Mikrotik Router Setup by Freee!

To connect the router first plug the power cable. Then connect the internet Ethernet cable to port 1 (red cable shown below). Finally connect your pc using an Ethernet cable on port 3 (blue cable shown below).


The next step is to download the latest version of Router OS. Download the latest version from the following link


Download the 'routeros-mipsbe' update package.


Also to be able to configure the router you will need to download the Winbox tool. You can download it from

Next step is to download the Freee! WiFi files required for the installation. You will need to contact for the configuration files.

Now lets start configuring the router. Launch the winbox application you downloaded before. You will need to have your pc connected to the router by Ethernet. Enter the following and press connect:

1. Connect To -

2. Login - admin

3. Password - leave blank (no password)


Once you are logged in to the router press Files from the main menu. Select all the files you see and delete them.


Now drag & drop to the files list menu the 'routeros-mipsbe-X.XXX.npk file that you already download from Mikrotik. Both RouterOS & Freee configuration file, have to be at the same version. 




After copying, press System->Reboot.

The router will now reboot.


Connect again to the router using the Winbox application in the following ip Go to the files tab and delete all files you see there. Now drag & drop in the files list all the certificates and keys from the 'Freee WiFi files'. Next drag & drop the 'freeesocial' folder in the files list. The files required are shown below:

From the main menu on the left select System and then Routerboard. You will need to copy the the serial from the router.

Press the upgrade button to upgrade to the latest firmware.

Now delete the past router configuration. Select System form the main menu and then select Reset Configuration. Make sure to check the 'No Default Configuration' and 'Do Not Backup' before resetting the router. Resetting the router will not affect the files copied in the previous steps.

Now we need to connect to the routerboard. We will use the router's MAC address to connect. Open Winbox and select the Neighbors tab. There you can copy the MAC address of the routerboard. To connect  to the device add the following:

Connect To: MAC address copied

Login: admin

Password: no password

We get access to the router. Now add an ip address, reconnect through this ip and apply the Freee! software configuration image  to the routerboard. From the main menu select IP then Addresses. Press the add button and add the following:

ip: (subnet mask /24 is necessary)

Interface: ether3 (depending on which port you connected the pc)

Press Apply and then OK and your new address should be visible in the addresses list.


Close winbox and change the ip address on your PC. Set only the ip and subnet mask, as &

Press ok and check to see if your ip address is changed.



 Open the winbox application and connect using the following details:

ip -

username: admin

password: leave blank


Next open the 'V6.19 - September 2014’’ text file (or the newer version according to the date). You will find the text file in 'Freee wi-fi files & folders’' folder.

Find the old Serial Number from /ip hotspot command and copy it


Find and replace all ols serial numbers in the text file with the new serial number.


Find the Date at the /system scheduler command. Change the month/date/year with today's date


Select all & Copy



In Winbox, from the main menuon the left press 'New Terminal'

Right click & Paste after [admin@Mikrotik] >

The routerboard will now disconnect.


Now change back to your ip settings on your Pc (Ethernet card).

Set automatically to obtain ip address & DNS.



Next open your browser and go to:

This is the procedure to bypass the hotspot and get free access to the router.



Now connect via winbox using the ip address

This is the default ip address for the hotspot network. Use the following details to login:

username: freee

password: freeespot


 To finish the setup we need to insert the cretificates. From the main menu on the left press System and then Certificates. Now press import


First import the VPN crt file.



Next import the VPN key file.


 You should see the certificates imported in the table below.

 Follow the same procedure for the SSL Certificates. First import the crt file.



Then import the Geotrust.crt file.



Finally import the Freeegr.key file.




You should see all the files imported in the table below:


 Now we must add the certificates to the appropriate location. First enable the VPN. From the main menu on the left press Interfaces and then select management (OVPN Client).


Open it and press the Dial Out tab.



Change the certificate from 'none' to cert_1.



In a few seconds the VPN interface will be enabled.


The VPN server has created a new Ip address for the VPN Interface. It is important to keep this ip address on your files, in case that you will need to remotely access your router, or to monitor your network.

From the main menu press Addresses. Select the management interface address and copy the ip address.


Save it for later use. You can organize all your routers with their ip addresses for later use.

See below a sample .xls file with the serial numbers, the ip address and the locations of each router.


At this point it is important to delete the ip address that we set on the Ethernet 3 interface, to avoid future technical issues.

From the main menu press IP and then select Addresses.


Delete ether3 from the list.


Now we need to import the second certificate. From the main menu press IP and then select Services.


Select www-ssl from the table below and change the certificate to 'cert_2'.


From the main menu press IP and then select hotspot. Now go to the Server Profiles tab.



Select hsprof1 and go to the Login tab.


Change the SSL Certificate to 'cert_2'.


To change the Hotspot session timeout change to the User Profiles tab. Double click on the default user profile to change the timeout. The default timeout is 1 hour.



Now make sure that the clock has correct time. Select System from the main menu and then press Clock. Change to the correct time.


Enable/Disable or Change the values of daily reboot schedule. Select System from the main menu and press Schedule.

Select the reboot schedule to disable or enable it.


If you want to change the values of the reboot schedule (for example time or interval), double click on it and make the appropriate changes.


It is optional to change the administrator (freee) password. From the main menu go to System and then press Users. Select the user and change the password.



You can disconnect and connect again via Winbox with the new password.

To update the Routerboard go to System and then press Packages. There you can check for updates.


Your Mikrotik Device now is ready for use.

Next you have to register the device on the Freee! Platform. Look at the following articles for help:

Freee! platform client activation and quick platform overview

How to manage my devices


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