How to create email campaigns

To create email campaigns you will have to sign in to Freee! client platform with your email and password. After the sign in you will be directed to Freee! client platform. Select the Marketing option from the main menu on the left pane.


To create a new email campaign select Create Campaign button. The new campaign form is displayed.


In the new campaign form there is an editor for you to built the design of the email campaign. You can edit the email template just like an MS Word document. Add your logo, place it where you need, write the campaign message to your customers, etc.


Once you finish editing the design of your email template you can save it in order to re-use it again at any time. Just press Save as..., enter the name of the template and press Save. A sample is displayed below.



When the design of the template is finished, the next step is to add the campaign info. Add a name to your campaign, the email subject of the campaign and from where the campaign is sent. All these are displayed at the email the customer receives.


The next step is to target your email campaign. Looking at the example below we have targeted all male customers by selecting the Male option. You have the option to target a specific gender of your customers (Male, Female) and target according to the following age groups (18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+). When targeting you can see how many of your customers will receive the email campaign and the cost of the campaign.


The next step is to start the campaign or schedule for a different date and time.


Before starting the campaign you have the option to send a test email of the campaign to your own email address. It is highly recommended that you use this step to check the design of your email.

Once you receive the test email and everything is fine then press Start campaign. You have now successfully created and send an email campaign to your customers.


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