How to manage my devices

To manage your devices you will have to sign in to Freee! client platform with your email and password. After the sign in you will be directed to Freee! client platform.


Select Devices from the main menu. A list of all devices in your business are displayed. If the device you are looking for is not in the list of devices you will have to contact Freee! customer support ( in order to add your new device.

Once the device is added to Freee! platform you can select it from the list and design the landing page.


Once you select the device to edit a preview of the device landing page is displayed.


Start by entering the title (Enter your title...) and the description of the service for your customers (Enter your description...). A sample is displayed below.


After a customer likes our business they are presented with a continue to Internet link. We can now edit what that link will display and the url the customer will be re-directed once the link continue to Internet is pressed.


The next step is to upload a background of our business. You can upload your own background. Best results when using (16-9) dimensions.


The next step is to select the social media our landing page supports. Just check on the media required (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn). When selecting Facebook as social media you must enter your business's Facebook page. You also have the option Get likes and Checkins for your business. Check Google+ and LinkedIn if you want your customers to have more options when logging in to your device. A preview is displayed below.


There are always some customers that do not use social media. Your business will have to allow them a way to get free Internet. You can give them access by setting up a password for them to use. Just check the Login with password option enter the password and text required for your customers.


Once you are finished with the design of your landing page press Save my design to save changes. Any changes you make you can see a preview of the landing page on the left pane.


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