Freee! platform client activation and quick platform overview

When creating an account you should receive an invitation email from Freee! platform. Open the email and select 'to register and view your account' link.

You will be re-directed to the Freee! platform registration form. Enter the email used for the invitation and add and confirm your password.


When the registration is complete you will be given access to Freee! platform.

  • Dashboard - Viewing the dashboard you can see basic information about total connections to your device, unique connections (unique devices connected to your network), total profiles collected, total likes for your business from end users, total Facebook profiles, total Google profiles and total LinkedIn profiles. In the lower section you can see total genders and total age groups from your customers.


  • Profiles - View the total profiles collected from your business. You have the choice of viewing the most engaged users, the most recent connected users and filter between the social groups (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn).


  • Devices - View and manage your devices. A list of your available devices is displayed. Select the device you want to manage from the list. For more information on how to manage your devices visit How to manage my device at the FAQs section.

  • Social analytics - View the social analytics of your business's WiFi.

           Likes - The likes collected for your social page

           Profile visits - Customers logged in using their social profiles

           Visits - The total and unique connections to the business's WiFi

           Gender/Age - The genders and ages of your customers connected to the business's WiFi


  • Marketing - Create marketing campaigns. You have a choice between email marketing, SMS marketing and coupon (viral) marketing. For more information on how to create your own campaigns visit Create marketing campaigns.


  • Settings - In the settings section you have the option to update your mailing address, update your billing address, change your email and finally change your current password. You can also view the payments completed to Freee! platform for credits.




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